Contact Me


A simple email is the easiest way to get my attention. I have my personal email on my laptop so I should see your email fairly quick.

I typically get 100± emails a day from work, clients, newsgroups, etc, so I want to list some easy to follow guides for if you're interested in contacting me.


If you're planning on contacting me please make sure to add my GPG key to your keyring:

Please Read This if you're not familiar with GPG/PGP key encryption for emails.

curl -L | gpg --import

  • Add my email to your email provider's whitelist. This is to ensure emails will be sent/received.
  • Please include a PGP/GPG signature or key somewhere in your email so I can verify who you are, I will delete emails typically if I cannot verify who you are in some form.
  • I prefer PLAINTEXT emails so please send them in that format, it makes downloading your emails for offline use easier for me, plus, HTML is bloat in emails and rather unprofessional in my opinion.
  • If your email is hard to read, contains pictures, etc, I will most likely not respond. If English is your second language then I understand, but if you just plain don't know how to spell or don't want to put at least some effort into your spelling then I'll put the same amount of effort into my reading (zero to minimal effort).

If you you've read the above then feel free to email me - materialfuture AT andrasmedia DOT org.


My id is @materialfuture I really just use Matrix to join gitter/matrix rooms for dev discussion, so I'm not actively on there.


I'm usually on IRC as @materialfuture, if you want to verify it's me just email me.


You can DM me on Mastodon, @MaterialFuture on the Merveilles Town instance.


I'm occasionally on Mumble. Email or message me the server info and I'll join to talk.


I have XMPP set up, so just email me and I'll add you if I like you.

Other Clients

I'll occasionally use proprietary services if there's a way to use a FOSS client, but I still actively avoid using proprietary clients and services when possible.