Contact Me



I typically get ~100 emails a day from clients, companies, etc, so I want to list some easy to follow guides for if you're interested in contacting me.

I'm always willing to talk to new people, I just want to make sure I'm not wasting your time and you're not wasting mine.

Are you in the right headspace?

Before contacting me please refer to this resources to make sure you're in the right headspace when contacting me:

Guide to Discourse by XXIIVV

Should You Contact Me?

I will block you if you try the following;

  • Insult me or others I know
  • Attempt to sell me something
  • You're a recruiter and are trying contact me about a job

Pretty much anything other than these is fine as long as if doesn't look like spam to me.


Please Read This if you're not familiar with GPG/PGP key encryption for emails.

If you're planning on contacting me please make sure to add my GPG key to your keyring:

curl -L | gpg --import


A simple email is the easiest way to get my attention. I have my personal email on my laptop so I should see your email fairly quick.

The following will help you know if I'll respond to your email. As anyone with an email knows, spam and scams are quite common, so I choose to be selective in whom I respond to.

  • Add my email to your email provider's whitelist. This is to ensure emails will be sent/received.
  • Please start by downloading my PGP key so you can receive messages from me.
  • Please include a PGP/GPG signature or key somewhere in your email so I can verify who you are, I will delete emails typically if I cannot verify who you are.
  • I prefer PLAINTEXT emails so please send them in that format, it makes downloading your emails for offline use easier for me.
  • If your email is hard to read, contains pictures, etc, I will most likely not respond. If English is your second language then I understand, but if you just plain don't know how to spell or don't want to put at least some effort into your spelling then I'll put the same amount of effort into my reading (zero to minimal effort).

If you you've read the above then feel free to email me - materialfuture AT andrasmedia DOT org.


First, I don't really have my phone on me unless I'm expecting a call. Second, I get too many spam calls as it us and I don't need more calls, please reach out to me through other means first if possible. I also sometimes will swap phones to use based on if I'm traveling to visit family, so there's a small chance I may miss you're call after typical work hours.


If I don't know you, I won't answer your texts, plain and simple. I already don't have text notifications on, so this is probably the worst way of contacting me. Even to people I know I typically don't respond to texts right away.

You're better off reaching me via email, or other services.


If you really want to chat with me I'd prefer not to do so over email, just message me on Matrix If I already know you then just email me your Matrix info and I'll add you, if I don't know you then please just send me an email to add you. If you're session isn't encrypted/verified then I will most likely block you.

On my Element account I have some Freenode added channels as well to check if I don't have a computer nearby, so you can also reach me that way via matrix.

I'm willing to setup bridges to other services (irc, Discord, Slack, etc) if there's absolutely no way to convince you to use the matrix protocol or IRC.


I'm usually on IRC as @materialfuture. If you know me from IRC then you already know the server and my nick on there and can message me.

Feel free to email me about any interesting IRC servers though.


You can DM me on Mastodon, the link is in the footer. I'm not always on mastodon, so this will probably be about as effective as email. Similar rules apply to if you're going to DM on mastodon as if you were to email me so please read those rules first.

If you're sending me a meme then I guess it's fine, I'll let it slide if it's actually funny.



I'm occasionally on Mumble. Email or message me the server info and I'll join to talk.


I'll setup XMPP (Jabber) if you use it and want to contact me, I'd love to have a reason to setup an account or server.

Spyware Clients

I don't use Discord, Zoom, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, Slack, Snapchat, TikTok, Insta, or whatever trendy thing you're going to ask me to join. The only times I use these are if work makes me use them or if I'm setting up a bridge to Matrix so I don't have to log into those services directly.