If you are interested in donating please use the below options as they are the official ways of donating to me.


  • - My Page where you can donate to projects specifically.
  • LiberaPay - Liberapay is run transparently by a non-profit organization, and its source code is public and it's preferred to something like Patreon or PayPal.


Solana (SOL)3c3pkfwCSwPcpCJBNGi5xNgsBWoMMDipQqsPSbpHh3zq
Monero (XMR)41utrKKLFuwUj34Egj9E1YTCJDXkcdjg8hpVEE3BGa77Usg7k5zoAVU1EUwZtThUy1iwWrzrD5bzCSL4DB4KPpvnCHtAifR
USDCoin (USDC)0x901B33EBad424299cDaa5B764EB3718587CA5c3f
Etherium (ETH)0x2e212F5a3DdA32fa5646cc0AD367E0205F9f12bB

If there's other coins you want to donate let me know.

Note: Solana has some of the lowest gas fees out there so that makes it less than PayPal or other general online pay services.


Feel free to contact me for other ways to possibly donate.