Links Around The Web~

Right now this is just a repository of sorts for links I've found, organized by topic/category. Useful if you're looking to find something new to learn/read.

Note: I plan to curate this with all the links posted from my monthly links posts.

Category Title
Crystal Lang Install Official Crystal package from AUR
Crystal Lang CLI Interfaces
Crystal Lang More robust CLI interface creation
Crystal Lang More Resources
Crystal Lang DB API for crystal
Crystal Lang MySQL connector
Crystal Lang Guide to releasing Crystal software
Crystal Lang Tests in Crystal
Crystal Lang Example Shards YML
Crystal Lang Take sql data and plot into GnuPlot
Crystal Lang Running Shell commands within Crystal
C/C++ C Programming Book
C/C++ Learn C In Emacs
Emacs Learn Emacs
Emacs Learn Doom Emacs(videos)
Vim Learn SC-IM
Ruby The Ruby doctrine
Ruby MonkRubyMonk
SQL SQLite3 Data Management
SQL Why and when to use SQLite
IRC IRC Server Hosting
IRC IRC Cheat Sheet