Links Around The Web~

This is a collection of links I've found online that I can reference and save links to, think of this as me sharing my super cool bookmarks with the world. This page renders a CSV file with all the links and creates the table below.

Category Title
Programming LeetCode
Programming Codewars
Crystal Lang Crystal Lang
Crystal Lang Crystal Foundations Book
Crystal Lang Crystal Lang Awesome List
Crystal Lang Guide to releasing Crystal software
C/C++ C Programming Book
C/C++ Awesome C++ List
Emacs Learn Emacs
Emacs Learn Doom Emacs(videos)
Emacs GNU Emacs Manual - HTML
Emacs Org-Mode for Beginners
Vim Learn SC-IM
Ruby The Ruby doctrine
Ruby MonkRubyMonk
Design SQLite3 Data Management
Design Why and when to use SQLite
IRC IRC Server Hosting
IRC IRC Bouncer
IRC IRC Cheat Sheet
IRC Weechat - The best IRC client*
PHP Laravel
PHP Laracast
PHP Lumen - API Framework
PHP LaravelFeed
Linux/UNIX/GNU (%else%) Misc. Duplicati - Backups
Linux/UNIX/GNU (%else%) Misc. Block certain User Agents in NGINX
Linux/UNIX/GNU (%else%) Misc. Block Users via IPTables and Apache
Food GrimGrains - Vegan Recipes that don't suck
Philosophy Expand on the ideology of the Ethos Pathos etc in archaic Greek
DIY/Projects raspberry Pi-Hole - Block Ads
DIY/Projects Hacker Spaces around you
Paranormal Jacobsm
Paranormal Jacobsm Psyrel
Paranormal Github mix_economy
Paranormal sanjindumisic
This X Does Not Exist