A distorted monochrome 1-bit image of Present Day * Present Time **

## What I'm Learning - Programming - EmacsLisp/elisp - Haskell - Blender - for 3D image rendering - Studying for my JLPT Certification ## What I'm Working On - [MARBS - Linux Install Script]( - [Uploading Music And Videos to My YouTube]( - [GameBoy Asset Pack]( - [Read More](/posts/games/gameboy-sprite-sheet-assets-itch/) - [CodeWars]( - [Amber Ticketing App]( - Working towards getting JLPT certification, either N5 or N4 depending on where I am near July ### For Hire **I'm available** for hire for contract work *outside of normal work hours CST*. Please visit the [contact me page](/contact) for ways to reach me.

Work I'm willing to do on contract;

  • Graphic design
  • Video Editing
  • Web Design
  • Light System Administration/Dev-Ops