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What I'm Learning

  • Lisps
    • EmacsLisp/Emacs
      • Creating Packages to extend tools I use
      • Configuring setting for TRAMP to access my server faster
      • Configuring everything I do within Emacs
      • Setting up org+latex templates for others to use
    • Guile
      • Recreating my Crystal Libraries to work in a Guix environment with Guile
      • Integrating C Libraries
  • Haskell
    • Taking exorcism course
    • Recreating CLI tools in Haskell/GHC
  • Reading books and papers regarding:
    • GNU/Linux System Administration
    • GUIX Package Manager and the GNU Operating System + the Hurd Kernel

What I'm doing

I've taken a short sabbatical from my personal projects to focus more on my mental health as well as getting a good understanding of Meta Languages and Functional Programming.

More Info About What I'm Learning

If you're interested in what I'm reading you can see on my Library page as that is where I list all books I have that I'm reading or have read.

I'm more formally learning Japanese and studying for the JLPT exam this December. I've studied Japanese informally and passively since about 2014, but I really want to take the leap and learn how to read and speak better.

Up Next...

I will be revisiting my Crystal/Amber ticketing system and release a v2 that adds important JS for CSRF, proper handling of CSRF tokens, and update to the latest version of Crystal. From this ticketing system I hope to break it down a bit and create a boilerplate or template project for others to use as I have a couple of uses for the codebase other than just ticketing software.

I want to post more guides on Emacs tools as well as some writings regarding Guix, so look forward to that on my blog category.

For Hire

I'm available for hire, please visit the contact me page for ways to reach me.