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What I'm Learning

  • Lisps
    • EmacsLisp / elisp
      • Creating Packages to extend tools I use
      • Configuring setting for TRAMP to access my server faster
      • Automating development tasks within emacs (makefile templates, org documents, etc)
      • Setting up org+latex templates for others to use
    • Guile
      • Integrating C Libraries
      • Working on my GUIX machine
  • Haskell
    • Learn You A Haskell Book
    • Exorcism course
    • Comparing and contrasting Guile and Haskell for use in major projects
  • Reading books and papers regarding:
    • Ansible for SysAdmins
    • KVM + QEMU + virt-manager
    • GUIX Package Manager and the GNU Operating System + the Hurd Kernel

What I'm doing

See all projects here

What Else

If you're interested in what I'm reading you can see on my Library page as that is where I list all books I have that I'm reading or have read.

I'm available for hire for freelance and contract work outside of normal work hours. Please visit the contact me page for ways to reach me.