These are links that I've found while working and doing research throughout the month. Youtube Links have been swapped with Invidious links so that it respects users anywhere wanting to watch the videos.

Please let me know if any links stop working or are down and I'll update the post.

I will be compiling the best of these lists and organize them into a Git Repo for people to find and reference

Ruby and Rails

I enjoy learning about ruby and the practices behind it. I hope to help bring some of these thought processes to Crystal.

Crystal Lang Resources

I enjoy using Crystal Lang for working on neat little personal projects. For a new and upcoming language it has so many projects, so I figure I'll share what I've found.

Developing emails

Random Learning Material

Resources for learning, mostly tech related. I'll post any free books I run into as well so other can see.

Self Publishing A Book?

Here's some resources I found in regards to self publishing.

Random Links I've stumbled across. Interesting tools, cool books, weird sites, etc.

IRC Stuff

Good 'Ol IRC



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Neat RSS Feeds

Some interesting RSS feeds. I hope to add more to each months so people can discover new RSS feeds for interesting stuff.

Get Your Music Places

These are sites and services that you can host your music or distribute it to other platforms