I created this site, and subsequently the Minimal Theme, as a means to create a better repository for my thoughts and create something that can be used on any device as well as any browser (including Lynx). While it's not flashy, it's functional and serves it purpose without using any javascript, third-party libraries, or very much CSS (~5Kb).

The reason I chose Zola was to move away from dependencies and focus just on developing the site. If I install my site on a server it's as easy as installing the Zola Binary, cloning my repo, and building. This makes hosting on any linux server possible as long as you can install web hosting tools and the binary, you're good to go.

The Inspiration

I have been working with websites professionally for about 5+ years, User Experience for around 2+, but only recently had found out about the rise in popularity with Tech Minimalism and the Solar-Punk movement. I became inspired after seeing @neauoire write about their experience creating software and websites using minimal code for the sake of offline use and for the conservation of electricity and data. Having now read about and immersed myself in more minimalist practices in my daily life I wanted to recreate my personal blog into something more minimal, something more useful, something more me.

The Future

At the start of this project I only wanted to create a blog and a repository for links, but I've now been inspired to expand on that and start a wiki where I'll organize my thought so others and myself can reference them. I don't just want this to be some basic portfolio site, I want this to be an extension of my thoughts and actions while sharing knowledge along the way. Hopefully when people find this site that they can be able to walk away having learned at least something.

As someone who develops on the web it's my responsibility to make sure that the future of it is accessible to everyone and not bloated by packages and unnecessary functions. I encourage others to take on this approach as well and be responsible for what you put out there on the internet.


I've included some reading material for those interested in learning more about bloat on the web as well as some information in regards to carbon emission waste on the web

Note: I've enabled RSS feeds for whatever category and tag so people can follow, so you can follow whatever sounds interesting, just append /rss.xml to the page category or tag and it'll have a feed for it. I want people to be able to follow the blog in offline scenarios as well, and don't worry I won't be posting that often.