This has since changed due to work requiring me using GitHub and GitLab. :(


Recently there has been a exodus of sorts from the platform in regards to GitHub and what Microsoft is trying to do in terms of acquiring open source projects and using them, more info regarding that here.

In response to that I've decided to move away from GitHub for my projects, but instead focusing on self-hosted alternatives. At the moment I have GitLab as my main Git Forge service but I'm working towards getting Kallithea setup as it has everything I need for code collaboration that GitLab offers while being GPLv3 Licensed. Other options are some Gitea services such as CodeBurg or vanilla GitTea, more services are outlines on my Hosting Services Wiki Page.

What I've Done

My first step in becoming self-hosted was setting up a Klaus instance as it's dead simple to setup and runs on very minimal hardware. That being said it does all I need it to and allows me to manage repos via the command line and ssh.

So far I'm enjoying Klaus and really enjoy hosting my own services, I hope by at least near the end of 2020 that all my software projects are moved to and hosted either by my own services or by FreeDom respecting ones.

The Idea

The idea is that I want to be more in control of my data and what is happening with my projects. I want to create software without the worry of companies taking advantage of free-software without adhering the licenses. Software is political and as a developer it should be your right to stand up for your/others works.


The topic of GitHub moving forward with more malicious intent towards Free Software seems to be getting buried in the search results, so here's a couple of links that are relevant in regards to this topic. I implore you to do your own research of course, don't always take one person's word as fact.