This post is more of a means to share what I've been working on, what I plan to work on, and what my goals are and if they've changed since my 2020 Roadmap post. Since that initial post a lot has changed in the world just the past four months that it's worth sharing how that has also affected what I've worked on and what my priorities are given the time to reflect.

What I'm Working On

Considering I work on a multitude of projects ranging from Crystal Lang related tools to text-based Guides for various topics.

Cycling Data

This is a project I created that allows me to quickly log my cycling progress in when I've forgotten to use the AAT app on my phone. This came about because I couldn't seem to find a quick way to log my time on the stationary bike as well as real-world cycling data into a lightweight format, so I created one in an afternoon using Crystal a language I'm familiar with.

I mentioned that I wanted to import data from the AAT android application, this was important to me considering I use the app infrequently on trips, but I found it hard to find use for the data outside of the AAT application so I added in an import feature that allows me to quickly add the files contents to the database - a CSV file that logs all data for easy access - and strip all the data down to the bare minimum and normalize the units of measurement.


I wrote earlier this week regarding IPFS and what I've created with it but since that time I have looked more into the subject matter and have been assisting other via IRC on setting up their sites as well as sharing things I've created like music in art with the swarm. I find IPFS so entertaining and very easy to use that I hope at some point I can get more people I know to start using it and maybe create more portable ways of using it ie. phones or a VPS.

The Ultimate Frugal Living Guide

This one is the most interesting of the bunch so far and is also one that I haven't discussed at all outside of IRC to which even then I haven't said much at all. This is a guide that explains and discussed the how and why of living frugal with resources and comprehensive lists and charts. I'm hoping by the middle of next week to have the repo published with a wiki page and blog post setup for it that way others can read about it and contribute to it.

This came up as a result of a discussion on IRC about frugality as well as my current living situation and the situation in the world today with COVID-19, among other things. While it might not seem like a big endeavor, It's my first big project that involves org and not to mention my first big writing project so for me I'm putting a lot of effort to make an impact with it and help as many people as I possibly can. As of writing this post I'm in the staging of outlining everything as well as planning basic structure, licensing, and overall content of course.

Self-Hosted Solutions

I've been working towards creating my own ecosystem of micro-services hosted on servers that I manage to which I hope I can move to my own physical server if possible.

So far I manage;

  • An email server that hosts emails for the domain.
  • A Git server where I can manage things like commits and do so in a minimalistic way.
  • An IRC instance so I can read and manage IRC communications from any device.
  • NGINX server that handles a few sites.
  • An FTP like server that handles large amounts of files moving in/out for other sites.
  • Other site related servers for clients.

What's Next For Me?

My next projects include moving over more things to self-hosted instances and creating more tools to make my work easier and less of a hassle. Below I'll go into more detail about what I want to work on and what I plan to work on.

Garden Management Application

So this is one that I've been planning now for the better part of a year but haven't quite found what approach I'd like to take with it. The idea is that it's a simple API or Library that helps people plan out their gardens with tips on harvesting data, when to plant things and so on. The basic application I want to be either a web-based application or a very well setup desktop application. Either way I want people to be able to get tips on how to make their garden efficient as possible.

Since I'm still mapping out what I'd like to do with this I don't have much to say about it. If you'd like to brainstorm with me the you're more than welcome to contact me regarding it.

Frugal Living Guide

I hope to have a working site for the frugal living guide and hope to make it as accessible as possibly to everyone. Aside from that the site would be for the most part a export of the org document that also hosts the PDF as well as links to contributers and such. Much more of this project needs to be thought about and discussed as well as be created so this will be something that I can see myself working on in the foreseeable future.

Game Development

I had gained some steam learning about and working on a short RPG for the GameBoy, but after creating the large sprite sheet template for others to use I sort of dropped off. I'm hoping that next month or so I can just back into it and finish the game and start work on some games in the Godot engine.

I've been working on writing an organizing ideas for games in org documents and physical documents, but it's a matter of actually taking those ideas and making them into something playable.


My goal for this year is to move most everything I do onto servers I have control over and rely on services that are Freedom respecting as well as possibly have some integration into the Fediverse or have some sort of federation to them.

Creating a nice ecosystem for myself for things like WebDAV and syncing of information via freedom respecting protocols is also the intended goal.


I'm trying my best and keep up on my studies, that of which include;

  • Japanese for the JLPT exam
  • Crystal Lang
  • Ruby / Rails
  • PHP / Laravel
  • VueJS / Latest ES standards

Some Extras worth Noting;

  • ReasonML + JS Ecosystem
  • Hack Lang + PHP Ecosystem

My goals from earlier this year learning C/C++ have changed as I've found a great joy using Crystal Lang for mid-sized projects. That being said I still use C for somethings and have learn a lot more bash for the smaller tasks I like to automate or make easier.

Et Cetera

I realize now the length of this post is much longer than I would have liked so I'm leaving this here as it's satisfactory for a post. Tomorrow or sometime soon I'll release an addition to this post with updates on what my goals are and a retrospective for the year so far. There's still a lot to cover and I would hate to go on for another however many sections and bore people any further. Below is a tl;dr of the contents of the post.


I'm working on;

  • New tools with Crystal Lang
  • Learning more about IPFS and utilizing it more
  • Creating a comprehensive guide to living frugal in today's world
  • Learning more things regarding Crystal Lang and working on Japanese again as well as JavaScript
  • Working towards a Self-Hosted ecosystem for myself
  • I might start doing game development again