This post assumes you either know LaTeX or can watch a video getting you up to speed on LaTeX and how to work with it, what's most important is just being fairly familiar with the syntax everything else is optional.

This post will be going over how to get a LaTeX template, why you would do that, and a link to the template I've created for other to use. This post will be short and accessible.

Jobs Today

Jobs today scan resumes for keywords and if you're going through a site like Indeed for example then your resume wont even be sent to HR or whomever for consideration unless it matches the keywords.

What You Can Do

My recommendation on how you can beat the automated ways of reading your resume is learn how to programmatically create a resume based on a listings keywords.

Below I'll go over how you can, in theory, go about doing that.

Download a LaTeX template

Find somewhere online where you can download a LaTeX template, GitHub for example has quite a few that you can easily find.

You can also use my template which I use for my resumes. The repo has instructions on how you can go about compiling the template.

Scrape The Web Page

You can create your own scraper using a tool or language you feel comfortable with.

Use The Data

  • Create a frequency chart of words
    • Separate the words by things like Programming languages and Tools
  • Export those key words to your .tex file, making sure to keep in mind the template
  • Execute a make command using something like a Makefile in your script

Your PDF

Now you should have your resume.pdf ready for export, now all you'll need to do is export.

In Practice

I tend to cater my resumes more specifically to the employer but either way automating the process is not only a faster way of applying to places but can be something to show on said resume.

The examples given above are just covering a basic way of going about it, do things your own way and try to make something that you'd be proud to show off.


I'll list off some resources related to LaTeX and resume building.