Update March 6th - This schedule is no longer the case, the focus currently is to finish the music I'm working on currently and prepare them for release/distribution while I release a video or two when I have time.

Recently I've been thinking of ways to release content I've made in the past as well as gain traction for new projects I may have in mind and what better way to do that than YouTube?

In the coming weeks I will be uploading my full albums and Individual tracks to YouTube, the schedule being something like this:

SaturdayFull Album
TuesdayIndividual Songs (2-4)
ThursdayIndividual Songs (2-4)

Once I've exhausted my resource of songs and other videos the goal will be at least one video a week following something like this:

SaturdayTech Related
WednesdayMisc Video

This may change as time goes on so feel free to subscribe to stay up to date on what I upload: My YouTube Channel

Ways to Watch or Subscribe


My YouTube Channel

You can subscribe the traditional way via YouTube


My Channel On Invidious

You can watch and even subscribe to my videos via Invidious, an alternative and Freedom respecting front-end to YouTube, source. There are a variety of instances you can use, or you can host your own source.


You can subscribe to the RSS feed and use something like mpv+youtube-dl to watch videos without the need for a browser and for offline use.

RSS: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UChGbEZDwjzixqkrUzQ9YCMA

Other Ways

I'm looking into other ways - preferably federated - to host my videos. Options such as PeerTube seem fine so I'll take a look into those once I have people actually watching what I put out.

If you can think of other ways to upload video content online just reach out to me on Mastodon or Send me an email.

Final Words

I'll be working on uploading more to my YouTube channel as time goes on. I'm still not sure how long I'll stick with it but if people like what I upload then I will.

I've recently released a major update to my GameBoy Asset Pack which you can read more about in this blog post or on the Itch.io page. As I start moving away from music content I hope to do a couple videos regarding the GameBoy Asset Pack as well as GB Studio for creating games.

If all goes well later this year and I'm able to move and/or get better internet then I hope to start livestreaming on Twitch and/or YouTube as well as produce videos regularly.