This past year has been a wild one to say the least but I can say that this was a definitely year of growth and learning for me, so in this post I'll go over what all I worked on and learned throughout the year to better emphasize what all happened.

For a bit of backstory on the where my year started, I had just quit my job in February due to some family situations and shortly after had to sell my house and move cities, then of course Covid-19 affected pretty much everything in the US.


I had a lot free time after leaving my job and took the opportunity to download and purchase some programming and system administration books to better teach myself the things I wanted to learn in 2019.

So from that I learned and took self-taught courses in these subjects;

  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • LaTeX
  • Haskell
  • Org-Mode
  • Emacs 27 + Elisp
  • Common Lisp (SBCL)
  • Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  • Guix GNU Distribution + Guix Package Manager + Guile
  • Linux System Administration - RHEL + Debian-based systems

You can read more on what books I read in this post regarding my 2020 Completed Books.

Some other notable things that I learned about this year were;

  • IPFS - File-sharing and hosting protocol
  • Gemini - Protocol much like gopher but better


In 2020 I started a couple of projects that either I stopped due to hitting a brick wall or stopped due to lack of motivation (unfortunately). So here's a couple of the project I worked on in 2020;

Bash Projects

Covid DataA bash script that provides data on Covid-19 in the command-line.
MARBSLARBS fork focused on Emacs

Crystal Lang Projects

Cycling DataA command-line application that consumes and parses cycling data.
CrISBNCrystal Library for handling ISBNs and books
CrWikiLibCrystal Library for Handling WikiPedia/Media API calls
CrFetchLight, system agnostic Crystal Application that shows system information.
New ReadsCrystal/Amber based webapp that follows CRUD and MVC and stores books and book info for users


Frugal Living GuideA collection of text that can be shared regarding frugal living.
Material GitMy self-hosted Gitea server


I felt this year I was somewhat able to conquer a feeling or a fear that has held me back a lot in regards to enjoying certain things, that fear being completing or finishing something. I believe this fear came from a young age when I would hold on to certain moments in time rather than the whole of an experience due to not wanting something to end. It might sound silly or weird but I really do fear finishing books, movies or even games because I want to only enjoy them for that moment in time and feel as though I can come back at any point. This year I was able to finish more books and games this year than any other year I've been logging those things.



For 2021 I plan to continue learning and continue to better myself even though the future may be uncertain.

Moving Back To Guix

I had been working with Guix earlier this year and really enjoyed it, but unfortunately due to the limited internet at my place of residence currently I cannot properly maintain or work on the system and instead have relied on Arch as my main distro of choice for work (I use arch btw). If I don't go for Guix then perhaps another GNU distro with StumpWM as the window manager and just focus on mainly using emacs for everything.

Company Plans

So I had some plans for my personal company that are somewhat in the works right now, that of which I'll dedicate an entire post for at least, but with that said I plan to change what my company does and redesign the website to match the new focus of the company. I can however tease that I will be setting up services for others to use such as a Git service, a Gemini server, and some other ideas along-side some physical products.


I believe 2021 will be a better year and now with 2020 under my belt I feel more prepared for what is to come in the future.


  • Read More Books
  • Finished More Things
  • Pursued Things that spark joy
  • Living more minimal
  • Do better next year