This is just a quick update as I realize I dind't post anything for Febuary as was AFK for most of the month on nearly everything.


I've been primarily working on music these past couple of months and will be continuing to ramp up my production time and efforts as I get closer to completing these releases. The album art, inserts, and promotional material is getting closer to being complete as well and as a release date is worked out I will start releasing that promo stuff on YouTube and other platforms to promote my work.

Another interesting note about my music that I had discussed but may not planned for was for people to use my music for streaming. In the coming month I will be reaching out to content creators I know personally that stream or make videos and essentially give them early access to upcoming music to use. With that I will be uploading my music to all streaming platforms and giving them links to that as well to use.

Physical releases have been priced out to create a run of my latest album and of my older works that I think deserve that treatment and selling those on BandCamp and another platform soon to be announced. I want to also say that I'm working on designing a 'special edition' of sorts that will use mostly recycled materials and contain things like more inserts, stickers, cassette version, and some small promo material.

As I'm in the process of moving yet again progress will be slow again in March giving myself time setting up my studio once again as my hope is to create an evironment to create great art.


I haven't been working on software as much as I had before because it's not my current priority, but once I get to a good place with my music I'm going to be working on tools I've been tinkering with occasionally. If you're interested in that follow my GitHub for more info.


I've slowed down on video content for the time being and will be focusing on releasing the last bit of music I have saved up over the next month in video form. Releasing videos on YouTube allows people to access it many different ways and in some cases can be easier for people.

My plan for 2021 is to release actual filmed music videos for the new songs being produced and other fun stuff.