In the past couple of months I've been getting a bit sceptical of the content and practices on YouTube, and while I use Invidious or MPV to watch anything on there that's still supporting the content there. YouTube/Google have been allowing weird, gross, or obvious propaganda to be on the trending page or in the recommended and while I don't see it often there's the odd chance that I see the thumbnails when landing on an Invidious instance. While this "content" gets pushed other good content such as small tech channels I follow often don't even show up when searching, a good example has been the content from Protesilaos Stavrou who makes videos on emacs, this content often has been hidden on my RSS feed for YouTube channels while a channel like Linus Tech Tips never misses a beat when it comes to RSS or search, obviously that's due to monitization and who gets more views which is a real shame.

I've opted now to start using Odysee/LBRY. Why's that? It's backed by crypto, I can watch videos and support the content I like by donating directly, moreso I don't have to worry about videos I like being taken down and channels being demonitized. I'll start by releasing my content on Odysee and getting my videos caught up on there and once caught up I'll start putting out exclusives.

I'm not sure how long until YouTube will have another "ad-pocolypse" or something like Twitch's Off-Service Investigations taking place on their platform - while not inherently bad that they would want bad actors off their platform, rather it's moreso what they consider "bad" or what they decide to do with that information they collect. I enjoy supporting small creators and LBRY/Odysee allows me to do so directly and help support a platform that can really make a difference. Other reasons you may want to support a platform like this would be to help the fight on Crypto, ie SEC vs LBRY.


To clarify some things that maybe weren't clear upon first glance at the sites; LBRY is the protocol/crypto and Odysee is the video sharing platform a la Youtube.

You can access Odysee videos via MPV, for example: $ mpv or by opening mpv and dragging the video links from your browser into the mpv window.

Know any other channels? Let me know and I'll add them here or make a page that lists all my favorite creators.

If you want to give Odysee a try and make an account then use my link so we both get LBC for joining:$/invite/@MaterialFuture:d

Remember to give me and others a follow, help grow this platform, and help smaller creators find a place to thrive. Also, encourage creators on YouTube to move over to Odysee (or other platforms)!