This is my latest release titled Mountains as per the CGI mountains on the cover of the album. This was produced in 2020-2021 unlike the last few releases on Bandcamp where releases were songs produced years ago.

The Mountains depicted on the cover are based on some 3D modeling I had done.

This is my first release to be published on all major streaming services.

If you're reading this before it is released on July 4th 2021 then you can pre-order on most online digital stores, however I encourage getting it on bandcamp as you'll recieve bonus songs and images for doing so as well as supporting me more directly.


The concept for the album is the exploration of digital worlds and experiencing the uploading of ones consiousness to experience nostalgia in a virtual world.

In the track Born Again it's supposed to go from the more uplifting tones to a darker tone with droning sounds all around.


Track #Name
2Fantasy Zone
4Hazardous Material
5Downward Dawg
6Cyber Brain
7Synthetic Beach
8Born Again
9Digital Waterfall

Where To Listen

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It's all become digital.