This year has been a great one (unlike last year) as I've been able to pursue my passions and pursue greater endeavors such as owning land and taking care of animals. Let's start off on what I've accomplished; Unlike last year when my goal was to read and study my goals were towards creating and building, so let me list some things released or built:

  • Launched my album Mountains on all streaming services:
  • Built a chicken coop and started raising chickens and ducks.
  • Setup of my home network
    • Setup home security
    • Setup home server

Working On/Not Finished:

  • Book regarding Big Tech and future plans
  • Releasing new Merch/Physical Goods eCommerce store
  • Working on new MaterialFuture Music Release
  • Working on other music releases
  • Creating a music studio
  • Working on Creating Physical copies of my music
  • Full rebuilding of my personal business
  • Working on Clojure projects

I will also be setting up some services such as Peertube, Searx, Matrix, ZNC, etc for others to use and hopefully get more people off of Big Tech platforms, let me know if there's anything that would be of interest to host and I can set it up.

Next Year

This upcoming year I've got a lot planned and will be working towards creating more content on this site and releasing more how-to articles and more articles pertaining to homesteading. My main goal for next year will be to document more of what I'm doing as I've done a poor job of it this year unlike the previous year.


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