Since 2017 I've kept comprehensive lists of "things" I've completed, one of those list being books I've completed. The reasons for doing this somewhat laborious task are as followed;

  • Motivation to finish what I start
  • Track time invested in what I enjoy
  • Be able to make educated purchases in the future

While again this may seem tedious to some since starting this I have gained a greater appreciation for what I've consumed and tend now to be weary of starting something unless I wish to finish it to completion.


This year, while having lost my job in January, taking online courses and moving to another city, I was able to complete the most amount of books and overall was able to work through my massive backlog.

Below is the list of books I've completed this year grouped by genre or topic.

Books Completed
Ruby on Rails Cookbook
Mastering Emacs
Land Of Lisp
Practical C Programming
Practical Common Lisp
Linux Programming Interface
Linux In A Nutshell
Manga In Theory and Practice
Beginner's Japanese Script
Essential Japanese Grammar
Riichi Book 1 - Mahjong
Steal This Book
To Engineer Is Human
Plato: Five Dialogues
The Hand And It's Mysteries
Phone Losers Of America

Honorable Mentions

These are the books that I didn't finish this year either due to time or I started them near the end of the year.

Started But Not Completed
The I Ching workbook
SICP - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Introduction to Algorithms
Learn You a Haskell For Great Good
Genki 1 - Japanese Course Book
Steal This Computer 4.0
The Disaster Artist


My intention is to give inspiration for logging and tracking the things that you consume to better understand your interests and perhaps gain some insight as to what you may enjoy investing your time in more. I hope that this post inspires someone out there to go out and start tracking what all they've completed.