Since 2017 I've kept comprehensive lists of "things" I've completed, one of those list being games I've completed in order by year -> time to complete. The reasons for doing this somewhat laborious task are as followed;

  • Motivation to finish what I start
  • Track time invested in what I enjoy
  • Be able to make educated purchases in the future

While again this may seem tedious to some since starting this I have gained a greater appreciation for what I've consumed and tend now to be weary of starting something unless I wish to finish it to completion.


This year, while having lost my job in January, taking online courses and moving to another city, I was able to complete the most amount of games and overall was able to work through my massive backlog of games on both PC and PS4. Aside from games, I was able to read more books and finish books that I has started last year which you can check out in this post.

Below is the list of games I've completed this year in order of time (roughly) to complete (or to reach the ending of) said games.

Games Completed
Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin
Days Gone
Cyberpunk 2077
Neir Automata
No Man's Sky
Watch Dogs 2
The Surge 2
Hitman 2
Catherine: Full Body (Full Body Ending)
50 Short Games
Deep Space Waifu: Nekomimi
Helltaker (100%)
Frog Fractions
Deep Space Waifu: Fantasy
A Mortician's Tale
Off Peak

What I've noticed about this year in comparison to others is that while I didn't spend that much time playing games as other years I instead chose to complete more games one at a time.

Honorable Mentions

These are the games that I didn't finish this year either due to time or I started them near the end of the year.

Games Started But Not Finished
Stardew Valley
The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine


My intention is to give inspiration for logging and tracking the things that you consume to better understand your interests and perhaps gain some insight as to what you may enjoy investing your time in more. I hope that this post inspires someone out there to go out and start tracking what all they've completed.