Lately I've been debating in my mind what I value in life and more so what I value in the things in my life. moreso what would make then the ideal products that would inspire me rather than inhibit me. The forst object that comes to mind is my phone, a Samsung S5 that runs LineageOS and while the phone primarily sits either in my bag or sits in my drawer the times I do pick it up I find myself distracted by either scrolling through pictures or reading my RSS feeds.

Ideal Hardware

I idealy want all the parts to be sourced ethically and be consious of battery consumption.

  • Open hardware CPU that is ran at a low clock speed
  • Open hardware GSM Module
  • eInk display
  • Physical Keyboard
  • Easily Removeable Battery
  • SD Card Slot
  • USB-C or Micro-USB
  • Kill switches for most features


  • Phone Calls and Texts
  • Contacts
  • <= 7 MP Camera
  • Text-based interface for applications for accessibility
  • GPS, for logging GPX data or for directions on how to get somewhere

Most of the essential applications exist within Linux already or exist in some form, so the next step would be an operating system that runs a text-based interface and you just select what you want to do. Nothing would be done with commands it's all menus much like how older phones were but this would allow you to extend apps and create your own if you wanted.

A text-focused interface would allow for people with impairments to use the device and this is something I feel that modern phone and desktop operating systems fail at.

I'm already not a big fan of modern phones as they are just dopamine candy for your addicted brain but since I need to have a good phone to properly function in society than I'd rather have something I can use freely.

This post was inspired by this one from thomasorus.