I'd like to provide an update as I realize that I haven't been very active here. I've taken a long hiatus from working on projects and focusing on relaxing my mind.

GameBoy Sprite Sheet

I plan to go back and add more to the spritesheet as I do realize that it could use some love. I've got nearly 200 views per day, with people purchasing it nearly once or twice a week. My goal is to add more characters and add more to the main sheet as well as work on some UI designs.

Since I haven't used GBStudio in a while I'd like to revisit it and create a demo game using my assets for people to see. I've been writing in my spare time the outline for a game on the GameBoy but still need to flesh things out before continuing work on the game.


I've stayed away from working on music as I burnt myself out very quickly last year. I've got 20+ rap instrumentals that are just sitting around with 15+ songs ready to put on another compilation album. I will start work on my next release when I get my audio setup redone, I still need a space to record guitar and drums. I will be challenging myself on my next release to do more with the instruments I have at my disposal rather than resort to samples.


I don't have any plans to work on anything major just yet. I am working on some tools for me personally to use and if they're good enough I'll put them on GitHub, but for now don't really expect much in terms of code from me. I'm focusing most of my time towards lisp-based tools as that's what I've become most comfortable with.

This Site

My goal for this site is to work on more blog posts as well as providing a better layout for posts so people can better find them. The site is also having issues with images again so I'm going to update all those pages with them missing.


I'm focuing most of my time now towards academics so most of the other things are sitting on the back burner until I can prioritize them, but I'm in no rush, since last year I did so much my goals for this year are more lax.

"Never say you don't have time to do something, that just means that you're not prioritizing your time to allow you to do the things you want."