I've been having some thoughts about how I want to discuss/present my music such as giving more context to those pieces. Another reason may be that I want to have a place other than Bandcamp where I can show my albums at least in a minimalist way. The plan is to write posts in the music category regarding my music sometime in early January, and I'll update them as time goes on.

If you visit my new music page you'll see all my albums in a table with years of release along with upcoming releases. By end of this year I should be releasing volume of Material Tapes (see Material Tapes Vol.1), a series of releases I've planned for songs I had no place for but just wanted out there as a means of just getting them heard.

As it is currently there are three releases ready for release, two smaller releases, and currently in the process of writing new material either as MaterialFuture or for something else. Along with these digital releases I plan to reveal in 2021 a brand new project with physical goods and the sort. This year has been a strange one but I've been keeping busy by learning more and bettering myself.