I haven't announced anywhere yet so I figured I'd write a quick post regarding the subject of music and perhaps explain why I haven't released any videos and don't plan to for a short time.

If you haven't checked out my music already then do so on my music page.


I've started on a couple of music-related projects this year and plan on releasing them once they are finished and mastered. The timeline of music will (hopefully) go as follows;

  • Andras (Rap)
  • Material Tapes Vol. 2
  • Mountains (House/Experimental)

So far I've been rotating my efforts across all three of these works and at this point about 30% done with them all together. The big things that I need for most of these is to record vocals and instruments which I cannot do in my current situation until I'm able to move.

How To Listen To Them?

These will be the first albums I've released that will be available on streaming platforms, first on BandCamp of course, two of which I will be charging money for.

Also, these albums, along with a few others I have released in the past, will get a physical copy limited run CD edition as well as cassette, and along-side the physical releases there will be merch available as well for limited quantities.

More information will be released closer to release of Andras. Follow me for more info.


Once the music production stuff is nearing completion the channel I will be uploading promos and other types of videos to the MaterialFuture channel, so subscribe for more info, links below.


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