I've been making some general updates to the theme for this site, adding some new CSS additions and cleaning up old dead links and redirects. Now with the general layout changes comes the blog itself getting a new/old look where now you're greeted with all my posts sorted by year with links at the top guiding you to the categories and tags.

Why the change? I was tired (and I'm sure others were) of having to click through the categories to find a post, instead it's much faster. As an added benifit it fixes the RSS feed to now work with both the entire feed as well as the category and tag feeds.

A downside to this change is the links for posts have now all changed to the new URI structure (look at the current URL to see). This means anyone that has bookmarked or backlinked to my blog will have broken links and unfortunately that's just something I'll have to live with. On the positive side the links are now easier to read and share.

Post Updates

This coming week I will be revising old and outdated articles, creating wiki pages for missing info, and making update notes within the articles. I'm sure most people will not read the updated posts, but on the off-chance they do I want them to be able to have accurate and up-to-date information.

I will be drafting more posts to release sometime soon, but more importantly I've started working on the first chapter of my new book regarding FANG companies and Privacy - Title is TBD.

My smaller book that goes over being frugal in the modern-age is being worked on at the same time. This one won't be as long and will be more like a small manual that you can give out to people.

Once I complete these books I will be giving them to people for review and after printing to release them to my upcoming online store.

Make sure to update the RSS feed otherwise the links might not work.