What and Why?

I've setup a microblog - similar to something like twitter but without all the bloat - on my website for sharing quick posts for things that are too informal or small to create a whole blog post about. A good reason for having something like this is that I can share quick bits of info and not only link to the post but the post itself can be linked to other blogs or sites, which I'll show an example in the next section.

This was inspired by the many users from the Merveilles community who made the choice to go minimal and creat their own microblogging solutions or use a tool like twtxt. Instead of spinning up a Pleroma server to serve your microblog posts and have them sync with the 'Fediverse' but rather on your own site using static technology. The best part is there's no likes, retweets, feeds, and best of all no algorythm telling you what to see.


Normal Post

Lorem ipsum...
05-29-2022 10:30

Post with mention

In reply to @MaterialFuture
Lorem ipsum...
05-29-2022 10:30

Wait, How??

With a little bit of Zola "Rust" code and some CSS I made the data being pulled in from a simple CSV file and turned it into a twitter-like experience. CSV files can be edited in various programs like Libre Office, Emacs, IntelliJ, etc, you get the idea, and since I already have a website why not just create a another page template.

Final Notes

This was a fun exercise for what Zola can do and can open up more fun things to do on my website.