Let me start of this post by stating that I have some plans for the rest of the year, ones that revolve around software projects I'm working on and creating and to reveal some more information when have something to write about. I also want to update people on some projects that I have working right now and changes to the site.

Images and Pictures

I've been trying to avoid putting photos or images on this site for the sake of minimalism and for the sake of bandwidth for users without great internet, but after some thought I decided on setting up a file hosting service for smaller assets on this site and include links to my photography as well as any visual work I've done.

This service may be later moved to a cheaper higher bandwidth host if I start seeing it being used a lot.

Games Blog Category

Nothing really new here just a new addition to the blog talking about video game related topics and discussions. I want to focus on covering the games I've completed, played, and what (if anything) I've taken away from the experience.

I may choose in the future to create; music, gardening, cycling, and computer hardware categories but that may prove to be time consuming managing all those so that'll have to wait.

The Now Page

I've gone ahead recently and added a now page, that of which I try and update about every other week with info regarding what I'm learning, doing, reading, and what comes next. I want this to really be the highlight of my site, so people can see and understand what I'm striving for.


I will be taking some time soon to update and trip the fat on my wiki pages. I've already started by adding sections to the main wiki page this is something that needed to be done so at a glance people (or myself) can find what they're looking for. I hope sometime soon to go back and just trim down all the pages to just have the most important info, the ones I'm looking to focus on are ones for my software projects where I should focus on making them less of just a README and more of a How-To article.

The Site's Design

I realize that since I've added svg icons at the footer and some unicode icons throughout that the site is starting to not look as great on Lynx or other plaintext browsers. My goal for the site this year was to make this site lightweight and offline compatible without the need for Javascript for PHP.

Some other concerns are with ADA and general accessibility on the site, as currently some pages don't play nice with screen readers due to some semantic HTML errors in my Zola template.

Art and Photography

This one is a big one for myself, as I used to do a lot of artwork in the past in both digital and physical mediums. That being said I will start a category for my artwork and photos when I can get some good scans of all of them.

I've also taken a break from doing my sprite work due to my focus primarily being on programming, but starting soon I hope to return to my itch.io page to upload not only free sprite work but some GameBoy related things I've been working on.

Last Bits

So not much to add really other than plans for this site and other things I'm working on. I'm hoping to return back to working on art and music more but that is dependant on my financial situation considering most of the things I own are in storage somewhere.

“If you don't have a plan, you become part of somebody else's plan.”Terence McKenna