General Site/Services Update

In this post I'll be going over updates regarding services I run in an effort to be more transparent.


So for my GitTea service that I host I'm still having some issues with memory allocation on the server and that may be due to something I've configured but either way I've taken the server down due to instability (as I don't want to lose my projects) and moving to sourcehut as I'm already paying to host Git, this would allow me to collaborate with others and not support M$ by using something like GitHub. My only concern is pushing a lot to the service since I tend to have LaTeX and org docs saved in private repos, but I may email Drew DeVault regarding that rate limit or file limit on paid accounts. Hosting Gitea for that short time did give me insight into hosting services on a low resource machine, that being said in the future when I have more expendable income I may wish to spin up another Gitea instance or perhaps a SourceHut instance, I will look into this. Please Note: The domain is currently down as of writing this but will be routing it whatever git platform I go to.

IRC Bouncer

Currently I run a ZNC IRC Bouncer on my server and plan to create accounts for others so they may use it. This will have it's own subdomain on and will be closed for only people I know.

Gemini Server

I have gone ahead and spun up a simple Gemini site, which will be updated along with this site as time goes on. If multi-site is possible then I'd be willing to let some people also be hosted there.

So far I'm still troubleshooting issues I'm having with gmnsrv so the site is not live, however when it gets working I will be making a post regarding that.

YouTube and Videos

I will be continuing to upload to YouTube but I will also be uploading some content to a PeerTube instance that I find that meets the niche set of criteria I want for my content.

This Site

This site will be getting some changes in the coming months, more content, Gemini availability, possibly Gopher, and more so an overhaul of the Wiki Section. The plan is also to also include updates to project sections and more links to things but I need to tackle things one at a time.

There will be more categories coming to the blog posts, my goal for this is when I blog to properly tag and categorize posts so there isn't an abundance of posts upon viewing the page.


If follow me on Fediverse I have to say that I'm sorry for not updating as I only periodically check mastodon now via the web browser rather than the app that of which I no longer have on my phone. I will be looking into setting up twtxt feed or some other picobloging format, that way it's hosted on my site and I won't have to download an app t really get it running.


If you're not already please subscribe to my RSS feed as that'll be what I update most for the time being.

There are multiple categories on this site which can be a bit much, you can customize what you see in your RSS feed by specifying the url you wish to get a feed for.