The album art for the Sin album by MaterialFuture. The Image depicts an angel carved in rock.


Sin is my second album however was the first one that utilized professional equipment and software. The album was heavily inspired by the movie Ju-On - or The Grudge as it's known in the states - however the name Sin comes from the N64 game of the same name. The original artwork for the album was the kanji for Sin while the background was a green/black void that I mocked up, this was later changed to the album art you see now of an angel carved into stone, that image comes from my time in Greece mid-2012 when I got to explore some monasteries in the hills of Athens where I did a sort of photo-shoot for my music.

All of my releases up until this point were comedy releases featuring joke tracks and remixes mostly for Soundcloud and the likes, this release being my first serious release was not only enjoyable to produce but challenging. While I cannot remember what VSTs were used I can remember that it was all recorded using Logic Pro's toolset.

At this point in my life I was going through quite a bit and creating music helped a lot emotionally, not only that but I was able to meet a lot of interesting people through my music as well.


Track #Name
3Curse Grudge
8Start Again

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