Today is the start of the weekly schedule of videos regarding my music the first of which being my latest release Space.

Space is a concept album containing music I made from 2012 through 2015. And while the music might not be new to me the public hasn't had a chance to listen to these tracks.


1Jichael Mackson's Space Adventure
2Engines Online
4Almost There
5Light Speed
6Outer Hull
8New Age New Time
9Electric Gas Clouds
10Waste Machine
11An Endless Oddessey

I will do an in depth discussion on the background of this album in another post if people are interested in that.

What's Next

  • This week I'll be uploading the individual songs from the album on YouTube
  • Uploading new albums to YouTube
  • Uploading new work to Bandcamp
  • Looking into uploading to Spotify/Streaming platforms
  • Physical releases early 2021

Follow me on those platforms keep up to date on new music and videos

Ways To Listen

While the videos are a good way to listen to the album the version that is on Bandcamp will be in a higher fidelity so please make sure to check the songs out on there.

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