Like my Grand-Father and his grandparents before him I have the goal to cultivate livestock and plantlife for myself as well as for my community. The reason for this is to be self-sustaining and rely less on plastic-laced goods from big box stores while also having an outlet and reason to be outside - which you should know is vital for your health and well-being both mentally and physically [1].


I've been taking care of chickens and ducks this past year and it has been a joy. There has been quite a benefit to having them, such as; the constant supply of healthy eggs, the soil is enriched due to their excrement, and the lack of mosquitoes and other bugs nearby. While I at some point wanted to have larger animals such as goats or sheep I think I may focus on my larger plans for cultivating plantlife in a large greenhouse. I do not intend to use these animals for meat but rather their byproducts while giving them a comfortable life here.


The ability to grow one's food has been downplayed by the TV/Media as it is actual a vital part of being self-sustaining and creating a minimal environmental impact. From what I've read of the produce that comes from the grocery store I've since been planning out how my latest garden will be and have started outlining an desktop application to help me do so. I want to have enough vegetables and fruit to be good for a long time and maybe even sell at local farmers markets in my area.

My plans are not to live off the grid necessarily but rather to rely less on stores and more on my own ability to grow food and make things myself.

The Lie

The common lie of "environmental activists" is that you should relegate yourself to some small 500sqft apartment[2] that you don't own and buy from large corperations [3]. The problem with that is that you will be so disconnected from the environment and that you'll be dependent on a system that tells you make sacrifices while it in turn destroys that same environment it tells you to protect.

Owning land isn't (just) what's important, rather it's owning your future and ensuring that you're not dependent on any big company. It doesn't matter how much money you make either, if you can sustain yourself even when all large chain stores close around you then you've actually made it in life.

We should be able to own what we what, live where we want, and eat what we want within reason without living in fear of what an upper-class may do. This is not unresonable, people should have the freedom to decide for themselves if they so choose what their future entails.


"He who tills his land will have plenty of bread,
But he who pursues worthless things lacks sense." [Proverbs 12:11]