I've been balancing what I've been working on for a while now and plan to list out the new updates that will be coming out from me in the next few days and around the new year.


Firstly, I will be working on setting up a newsletter for people to sign up to. I've been talking with others online and it seems that this is the new trend for writters to go towards. My mind hasn't been made up in terms of what platform I'll use but whatever I do choose I'll link to it on my socials and on here.

The topics I'll cover on the newsletter will be, Art, NFTs, Music, and any updates to projects I'm working on. I notice that my blog was becoming a repository of updates from me rather than actual articles I want to write, so this allows me to differentiate what I do on here and the newsletter. The frequency will probably bi-weekly/bi-monthly just in case things get busy in my life I'm not having to worry as much.


I recently annouced that I have 2 releases coming out soon to all streaming services.

  • Andras (name tbd)
  • MaterialTapes Vol.2

Also, in the next few days I will be releasing all my music released over to all (available) streaming services. This proccess takes a few days to register but is worth it.


I'm working on quite a few projects regarding art, but the main things would have to be my NFT collections and secondly finishing the next major update for my GameBoy asset pack. If you're interested in learning more then follow my twitter (link is a twitter alternative).

The GameBoy Assets, which a decent amount of people have been interested in, will be updated with;

  • New indoor environments
  • New character sprites
  • Templates for working in the Tiled app


I believe I had said previously that I was working on two non-fiction books, the first one being about about the tech industry and the second being about cost saving measures in a post-recession world (partialy comedic). They will be short books and once finished I will send out beta copies to people interested and then print a few copies while also releasing on some ebook front - preferably not Amazon.

So far it's mainly been research and writing notes, but I will soon be working on getting things formatted in LaTeX/BibTeX for print. After these books I have plans for a lot more material so follow the newletter for more info.

Final Notes

Moving forward I will be moving updates over to the newsletter and twitter accounts and focusing on this site being more for actual articles, liturature, and a showcase for whatever it is I'm working on that is complete. As a result I will most likely be removing old update posts and cleaning out old pointless pages that are no longer updates or used.

Thank you,