Affiliate And Referral Links

This page lists all referral links for things that help me out. These are services I use and by using the code you help me out.

I will only include referrals to products I use, support, or otherwise am interested in having supported. If you feel that any of these products do not need to be here or are malicious please contact me and I will remove it ASAP.

As a disclaimer, these sites require non-free javascript to run and subsequently sign up to, so please keep that in mind before clicking the link.


Digital Ocean$100 Credit
Vultr$100 Credit$25 Credit
Humble Bundle50% Discount on first purchase
Nexus.ggBuy discounted games to support me
VultrGeneral Referral

All money earned from these services will be used to fund creative and community projects - ie YouTube content, Media Hosting, Community Server Costs, etc.