This is my personal wiki where I'll define things such as the projects I'm working on as well as the descriptions of terms used. Resource, documentation, and any sort of definitions for any sort of related content will be here. This wiki serves as a resource for myself and others.

UX ResourcesResources to refer to when wanting to learn or reference User Experience.
Text Focused SitesA resource for text-focused sites
Hosting ProvidersResource for Git/Hosting Providers
Platform AlternativesResource for platform/service alternatives
RSS FeedsSome RSS Feeds to follow on various subjects
EmacsAn extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor — and more
Doom EmacsPersonal Emacs setup for Doom Emacs
My Computer(s)Personal computer(s) setup
Merveilles TownSolarpunk Mastodon Server

General Projects

Covid DataA bash script that provides data on Covid-19 in the command-line.
Frugal Living GuideA collection of text that can be shared regarding frugal living.
Cycling DataA command-line application that consumes and parses cycling data.
Material GitMy self-hosted Gitea server

Crystal Lang

CrISBNCrystal Library for handling ISBNs and books
CrWikiLibCrystal Library for Handling WikiPedia/Media API calls
CrFetchLight, system agnostic Crystal Application that shows system information.
New ReadsCrystal/Amber based webapp that follows CRUD and MVC and stores books and book info for users
Crystal Slang TemplatingLightweight, terse, templating language for Crystal
Stumpy_UtilsA collection of drawing functions for Crystal Lang