VPS/Hosting Providers

Compiled below are a list of different providers to host or manage your software products or websites. The reason for this list is to have a resource for others to find providers that are more respectful of users than other alternatives such as GitHub.

VPS Providers

TitleMinimum Cost
Vultr$2.50 - $3.50 Depending on if you need IPV4
Gandi$3.50/mo (first Year)
Digital Ocean$5/m

Basic Static Hosting

TitleMinimum Cost
NeoCitiesFree - Pay for more features
GitLab PagesGit ser
CodeBerg PagesGitTea-based service

Alternative Git/Project Hosting

Klausklaus: a simple, easy-to-set-up Git web viewer that Just Works™.
GNU SavannahSoftware forge for people committed to free software
TexFamilyTuxFamily is a non-profit organization that provides free services for projects and contents dealing with the free software philosophy.
NotABugFree-software code collaboration platform for freely licensed projects. Also has TOR Node.
SourceHutSoftware development platform
GitTeaSelf-Hosted git client
TildeGitGitTea-based service
CodeBergGitTea-based service
Gogs.ioSelf-Hosted git service written in Go
TracSelf-Hosted Project management wiki tool via git/subversion
KallitheaSelf-hosted source code management system
GitBucketGit service on the JVM
SourceForgeSource code management system
GitLabGit Suite, much like GitHub

Software Suites

NextCloudSelf-hosted alternative to Google's G-Suite
PhabricatorSelf-hosted alternative to Atlassian suite

If you feel as though something on here doesn't respect it's users and/or their freedoms please make me aware and I'll remove the link, same goes for links you think should be added. Get ahold of me on mastodon @materialfuture.