MaterialFuture - What Is That?

MaterialFuture / ˈmətɪrɪəl fjtʊər/

Where It Comes From

I created that name in 2006 when I got a internet in my room and access to my own personal computer for the first time. I used a generator I had found for two different words and put them together, and since it sounded really nice I used it, so not much to it really.

What It Means Now

I have a really strong connection to this name now and have kept it close to me ever since I put meaning to the name.

Material, being of the philosophical 'Matter' that which all things are made of. Future, relating to what is to come or what I will make of the time allotted to me.

Together I see it as the Material or physical form transcending time and leaping forward into the Future.

How I bring this into my everyday life is by making projects that are offline capable, not having to be tied to the web, and creating things for the people of the future.

The future is going to be even more connected than it already is, I'm trying to fight that and put purpose and meaning into the connections I make, whether that be making more physical connections with people or just taking control of the connections I make by being in control of the software I use and refusing to use the ad filled ones that everyone uses.