Merveilles Town


12/16/2021: I don't use this site hardly and avoid any form of social media platform as best as I can, so the best way to contact me would be via email - read more here.

Merveilles Town is a mastodon server within the Fediverse that focuses on the solar punk movement and aims to be an example for others that people can create while being consious of their carbon footprint.

"We chose to align ourselves with that of the solarpunk movement."

- A demand for technology and society to re-center around sustainability, longevity, and balance with an emphasis on renewable energy.
- A focus on decentralization, community activism, social justice, and civic empowerment.
- A recognition that economic, social, and ecological injustices are all deeply interconnected.

I joined Merveilles as a way to learn ways to lower my carbon footprint but also to share ways I may have learned as well. You can read more from my blog post about how I've changed my workflow and lifestyle more recently here.

While this community may not be for everyone, it's worth checking out the amazing works the people on the instance create. While you're here, do checkout Mastodon and consider about making the switch from Twitter, you can read more about that on the official Mastodon site with more links down below.