My Personal Setup - ThinkPad

ThinkPad x200

I use this machine mainly for programming, writing, reading, anything that can be worked on offline with no distractions.

The goal of this machine is for me to have complete focus when working on projects. In lieu of this I've made sure that every application that I use is offline-compatible, doesn't require a GUI, and uses a respectful license.

This machine went from being based on arch to running Guix and using Emacs for everything on the OS as well as only running Free Software.

See below the full specs:

Machine Specs

MachineThinkPad x200
Storage256GB SSD
Memory4GB RAM DDR3
Desktop EnvironmentRatpoison
IDE of ChoiceEmacs

It also has a night light, so yeah there's that.

ThinkPad e545

This is my main machine that I use for day-to-day things and most of my work.

I try and focus on running as much free software as I can but take into consideration that I may need to use some proprietary products for work. The screen is a good resolution, has a CD Drive, 3 USB 3.0 slots, a USB 2.0 slot, HDMI and VGA output, SD Card reader, and of course an aux out, so everything I could possibly want. It also has a webcam but I keep it covered unless I need to talk to someone via webcam (which has not happened in the 1.5 years I've used this).

It's OS and set of configs mirror my desktop computer so whenever I need more power for what I'm working on like testing out graphic libraries or running some CPU/GPU intensive tasks I can switch over and everything should work as intented.

Machine Specs

MachineThinkPad e545
Storage256GB SSD
Memory3GB RAM DDR3
Desktop EnvironmentKDE Plasma + i3-Gaps
IDE of ChoiceEmacs